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Which Connector to Connect?

Which Connector to Connect?

Here at simple WiFi it can be difficult to know which connector is which and more importantly, which connector is on the product you are interested in purchasing. Hopefully this blog will help the customer understand the different connectors and where they are found. It would be worth noting that this is not a guide for how the products themselves work, but only the connection types.

We generally only use 3 types of connectors:


'N' Connector 

'SMA-RP' Connector

'RJ45' Connector

Male [LEFT] ----- Female [RIGHT]
Male [LEFT] ----- Female [RIGHT]
Male [BOTTOM] ----- Female [TOP]

Now that we have covered which types are which out of the connectors we use, let us try to find out where they are typically found on our products.

( 'N' Female )

( 'SMA-RP' Male )

( 'SMA-RP' Female )

Outdoor Yagi

Mini Omni

USB Adapters

Sector Panel

Mini Panel


Outdoor Omni Directional

Indoor Yagi

Parabolic Grid

Indoor Directional Panel

Outdoor Directional Panel


Cables & Adapters



( 'Multiple' Connections )

PiFi Repeater


1) N Male - Signal In
2) RJ45 Male - Signal Out
1) RJ45 - Signal In [ONE PORT]
2) RJ45 - Signal Out [FOUR PORTS]
3) SMA-RP Female - Signal Out [WiFi] *Certain Models*

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