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Click Here to Start Your WiFi Project
Click Here to Start Your WiFi Project


When it comes to WiFi in your RV, we all know the frustration that comes from poor signal, slow speeds and at times no connectivity at all. Even though the campground offers free WiFi for guests, using it successfully in your RV a whole different story that can come with it’s own set of challenges.

Here are 5 ways to make your RV WiFi better:

1. Get close to the source: WiFi is a near field signal, meaning unlike AM, FM and Cell bands proximity to the transmitter makes a big impact. In this case the transmitter being the router at the campground office or perhaps some access points around the park is where the signal is coming from. Try to park your RV as close as you can to one of this transmitting sources for the best signal quality and speed.

2. Obtain line of sight (LOS): Being that WiFi signals are higher on the radio frequency spectrum than the aforementioned bands, line of sight between the signal receivers and transmitter can play a huge role in your signal performance. Obstructions like trees, buildings and even other RV’s will block your precious signal from reaching you at its highest potential.

3. Go outside the RV: Your RV is like a faraday cage, blocking signals outside from entering inside the RV at it’s full potential. Campers made of aluminum, fiberglass and other materials degrade signal quality. Add to that all the furnishings inside and you make the problem worse. Simply going outside can result in a big improvement in your WiFi connection.

4. Use WiFi A Cellular Hotspot: While this option can get expensive, it can work when you're in a pinch and really need to get online. Cellular boosters like the ones from Wilson WeBoost allow you to connect via 3G and 4G/LTE which can then feed specialized routers transmitting the signal over WiFi for multiple devices. Since you are using data, streaming movies and doing heavy downloads can get expensive fast.

5. Use a long range WiFi Kit: A long range WiFi kit makes it simple to use the free WiFi hotspot provided by the campground, Walmart or whatever free internet is available. By using an outdoor long range antenna combined with a specialised high power WiFi repeater, you are able to focus in on the hotspot as if you were just a few feet away from it. The repeater will feed internet down to a router inside the RV, bypassing the walls and the faraday cage problem, thus creating a new private and secure wireless network for multiple devices like your laptop, phones, TV and tablets to enjoy the internet at high speeds.

As you can see, using WiFi inside your RV doesn’t have to be so difficult or frustrating. With these tips you can get online and stay connected.

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