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Click Here to Start Your WiFi Project
Click Here to Start Your WiFi Project

Get Long Range WiFi Signal:
Better Coverage, Faster Speeds

Where do we start?

For Extending Long Range WiFi Service from Inside Your Building to Outside:

Share internet from inside to outside up to 1/2 mile!

  • Extend your wifi coverage from your house to anywhere outside up to 1/2 mile!
  • Works for all internet providers, routers, modems, and wifi devices
  • Easy setup: better signal outdoors!

Great For:

  • Farm, yard, pool, RV campgrounds, and temporary spots
  • Sharing internet with a neighbor
  • Not wanting to spend $ for a SECOND internet connection!

Worked as advertised!!

Purchased the “Outdoor Hot Spot Kit” for a test. I am happy to report the system works just as Simply WiFi stated it would. This kit has saved me quite a bit of upfront cost compared to what I was using, and on top of that saving, I am not not paying any cloud control panel access for a bunch of APs I don’t need. Thank you Simple WiFi for your YouTube Videos and support. I already have some customers I plan to setup with your products

Team photo

Watch The video and find more

Simple WiFi: Long Range WiFi Solutions Inside Your Home & Beyond

What Our Customers Say

Where customer service is still #1

Spoke with a Simple WiFi customer service and they were very happy to explain what I should be looking for and why. Not pushy - helpful. That alone sold me on the product…This thing is virtually plug and play.

Jamey E.

Verified Buyer

“Just as it says, SimpleWiFi”

Nice product. Very simple to install and setup. I am an RF Engineer with a major defense contractor and I strongly recommend this product.

Joseph V.

Verified Buyer

“Works Flawlessly!”

We are using this to connect our office to our shop around 500 feet away. Our shop has a fiber line in but we didn't want the high cost of running a physical line to our office - this was a much cheaper and simpler solution.

Matt P.

Verified Buyer

Our WiFi Extenders & Repeaters Work With These Service Providers

Need a Commercial /
Enterprise Solution?


WiFi signal is affected by many things such as building material, distance from router, router placement, and old hardware. Learn more with our complete guide to Why Your WiFi is Slow

There are various tips to improve WiFi signal such as upgrading router antennas, getting a WiFi extender, and upgrading your devices. Learn more with our complete guide to Make Your WiFi Faster.

Those are called WiFi mesh systems such as Amplifi or Orbi. We currently do not carry these products and focus on other solutions such as building to building or building to outside.

Simple WiFi specializes in sharing internet signal from one building to another. Check out our PiFi Point-to-Point WiFi Repeater with reach up to 1 mile.

Our products are relay systems. Basically, they either push or pull in existing WiFi signal. Our PiFi Point-to-Point WiFi Repeater shares internet between 2 buildings up to 1 mile. Our PiFi Outdoor WiFi Extender extends your home internet to outside up to a ½ mile.

Because we say so...just kidding. We’ve been a family-owned business in Miami, Florida for over 33 years working with RF antennas. With WiFi and cell phones so prevalent everywhere, people need expert opinions and solutions. That’s what we provide.

Guaranteed to work or 30 day-money back. Phone and email support.

Yes we do for commercial projects.

Yes, we do provide cell phone signal boosters.

If your hotspot can connect to a WiFi network, then yes it will work. If it needs to connect to 4G LTE or 5G, it’ll need a cell phone booster.

We’re here to help you!

Our USA based support team is happy to assist